How to Jailbreak an iOS (iPhone/iPad)?

Jailbreak an iOS: Are you looking to Jailbreak your iOS device?? Then you are at the right place to know the method that ‘How to Jailbreak an iOS Devices??’. Jailbreaking an iOS device has a risky process. Jailbreaking an iOS device is very popular, and after jailbreaking your device, you can install the unofficial apps. With the help of the Cydia marketplace, you can install the apps on your smartphones or tablets. Go through the below sections to know the complete process of jailbreaking an iOS device.

Jailbreak an iOS

Some of the unofficial apps will not work on the un-jailbroken device. After jailbreaking your iOS device, you can use all the unofficial application on your smartphones. If you are downloading the apps from the disreputable sources on your iOS device, then your device will be accessible to the hackers.  To install the unofficial app, you can use this reputable sources like Cydia. With the reputable sources, you can find any issues on your device. In the below section, I have given the step by step by guide to Jailbreak an iOS device.

How to Jailbreak an iOS Device

After jailbreaking the iOS device, your device may lead to the security vulnerability, shortened battery life, instability, unreality, etc. Most of the Apple users are using the Jailbreak systems without causing any issues. But in sometimes, your device may get trouble. Read this complete article to get a clear idea regarding the Jailbreaking and to get the jailbreaking process of the iOS device.

Jailbreak an iOS

Tethered and untethered jailbreaks are available to jailbreak your iOS devices. With the help of this Tethered jailbreak, you can connect your device with Computer and then you can run any app to jailbreak. After completing this process, you need to restart your device. Then your device is ready with jailbreak. The semi-tethered option is also available for jailbreaking the device. In this option, you need to jailbreak your device after restarting your device.

Steps to Jailbreak Your iOS (iPhone, iPad) device

Here, we have given the Jailbreaking steps for the iOS device. Go through the below sections to get the clear information about the jailbreak. By following the steps, you can easily jailbreak your iOS device.

Step -1: First of all, you have to download the Pangu Jailbreak latest version on your device. By using this Pangu Jailbreak, you can freely jailbreak your device.

Step -2: Next, you need to connect your device to the computer by using the USB drive.

In Step -3: By using the iTunes latest version, you need to backup your device. After completing this process, you need to close that iTunes app.

Step -4: Next, you have to open the settings and then disable the passcode.

Step -5: Now you have to install the downloaded Pangu Jailbreak application and then click the ‘Run as Administrator’ option which available on this app.

In Step -6: It takes some time to install the application, and now you have to click on the start button.

Step -7: And to proceed the jailbreak, you need to click on ‘ Already Backup.’

Step -8: Then your device will be automatically rebooted.

In Step -9: After jailbreaking your device, Pangu app will be automatically removed.

Step 10 – Accept all the terms and conditions to start using your Jailbreak device.

In Step -11: It takes some to complete the above process. And after finishing the process, your device will be rebooted. Now the Pangu application will show the popup message that your device is already jailbroken.

Step -12: That’s it.

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