5 Best Root Apps for Android – Free Download

Best Root Apps for Android: Hai Friends..!! I think you are in search of Best apps for rooting the Android devices. Here we are giving the top 5 rooting applications for your Android smartphones. If you want to take full control of your Android smartphones or tablets, you must need to root your device. Many rooting apps are available in the market, but here I have given the some of the top 5 Best Root Apps for Android.Best Root Apps for Android

Best Root Apps for Android

To use some third party applications, you need a rooted Android device. Some of the apps do not support on Android devices. To install those apps, you need to root your Android device. In the below section, I have listed top 5 Best Root Apps for Android. If your Android device is rooted, then you can download all the apps on your device. By following the given methods, you will get clear about the rooting applications.

1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher is the best app for rooting the Android smartphones or tablets. And many tweaks are available on the Android devices. After rooting your device, you can enjoy the tweaks by removing the license. And the rooted device also allows you to remove the ads and you can also uninstall the system apps. And by using this Lucky Patcher Apk, you create the modified Apk which you have changed in Android devices.

Best Root Apps for Android

After opening this Lucky Patcher on your device, you will find all the Android applications, and this will also display your installed apps, and those are highlighted in different colors. You can download this Lucky Patcher application from the official website.

2. Greenify

Best Root Apps for Android

Greenify application is very useful for the people for rooting the Android device. If you are rooted your device with this Greenify app, then your smartphones or tablets battery life will be extended. This application is also now available for unrooted devices also. And this Greenify app allows you know the apps which are running background. This app also helps you save your RAM. Greenify is the best rooting app now available for all the devices, and this app increases your device performance.

3. Viper4 Android

Best Root Apps for Android

If you want to control all the audio devices which devices are connected to your smartphone. Then Viper4 Android is the best app for you. By using this app, you can control all the audio devices. But to use this application, you need a root access. With the help of this Viper4 Android, you can easily root your device. This application directly comes with the audio driver, and it is the best audio lab. And this app also gives you the best sound tools to listen to the music. Viper4 Android app is very easy to use.

4. Titanium Backup

Best Root Apps for Android

All the Android users have huge data in their devices. Titanium Backup is the best application for Android rooted device. With the help of this app, you can easily backup your data. And by using this app, you can directly backup the data from the settings, and you can also remove the bloatware. This application is available on the Google Play Store with paid and free versions. You can download it easily from the Google Play Store. Premium version has many features than the free version. The free version is enough for the users it also has the best features.

5. Tasker App (Paid Application)

Best Root Apps for Android

This Tasker application is used to automate the every action of your Android smartphone or tablet. This is the very excellent app now available for all the users, but it is a paid version. Billions of people are using this app on their smartphones. And this app has received many positive reviews. By using this automated app, you can turn on or turn off your lock screen.

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