Top Five Best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9 – You need to Know

Best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9: We are again back with the interesting article  i.e., the Top Best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9. The iOS 9 is the JailBroken device then we have to search for the best apps and tweaks which use the new features. Nowadays people are not showing that much interest in the Jailbreaking devices but it is still useful to the people who love to tweak and customize. The Jailbreaking allows having control on your iPhone.

Best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9

Here are the best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9 and carefully go through the various tweaks and Apps for the Jailbreak devices. One of the important things about the Jailbreak device is that we can modify the iOS device as per our interests. Now in this article, we are going to deal with the Best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9.

Top Best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9

There are many available for the JailBreak tweaks for the iOS devices. Here we will discuss the top five best Apps and tweaks for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9


The Activator has become an essential App for the JailBreak devices. This activator will help you to perform various actions and gestures that you might dream of the Apple.  Any we can assign these gestures to any of the action you like. And also we can add the custom events for 3D Touch. That is we can observe when we hard press on the icons or else anywhere on the screen. It really shows how you use your mobile.

Apex 2

Apex 2 is a good way for the people who get bored of old iOS folders and just want to clean away the Facebook Messenger, Google Apps and etc. It hides the similar apps behind the main one and makes easy to enhance or reduce the related apps so they will not be placed on the home screen.

Auxo 3

Undoubtedly Auxo is the popular Jailbreak tweaks for the iOS devices and Auxo 3 works on the iOS 9.3.3. The tweak integrates the App Switcher and Control Center interface into a single one and also it has the kill all feature for all the Apps. It is a multitasking App.

Reveal Menu

One of the best features in the iOS 9 is 3D Touch on both iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. When you hardly press on the screen you can observe the menus which lead you to the specific parts of the Application.  The RevealMenu allows holding an icon to show the Quick Action Menu.


The Barrel is the popular Jailbreak tweaks which let us animate the home screen icons in different ways. It is the best tweak App for all the users and it works with iOS 9.3.3 without even updating. If you are interested in the animations then you can have the Barrel App.


This Callisto allows you to hide the security of your iPhone and iPad by giving a password to unlock your device. Most of the people are not using the password because it changes throughout the day and the password is a static value which should be same each and every time. The Callisto compatible with iOS.

Best JailBreak Apps for iOS 9


With the help of these HideMe8, we can customize the things. We can hide the icons on the lock screen and disable the icons on the Control Center and avoid all the elements in the notifications bar. The updated version of the HideMe8 is called the HideMeX which helps in fixing any issues.

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